What's New in Talent Planning?

If you are in HR in an Australian law firm, you have almost come to the end of promotion decisions and salary reviews.  

Right at the time where you might be running low on motivation, the next question will follow - talent and succession planning.    My favourite question was asked yesterday - what's new?  

New - scenario planning.  Well it's been around since the 1960s, but it's new for Professional Services Firms.  I spent a week looking at the detail in April and I liked what I saw.  Lots of potential for talent planning. 

Really New - wicked problems.  Latest research from 2016 on how UK law firms are addressing the wicked problem of career path changes, diversity and increasing innovation - worth a read. Peer reviewed, strong research methods and law firm specific - what more does a girl need? 

Not New - just forgotten.  Use capabilities and in particular dynamic capabilities to do your talent planning.  Think of it as three levels of analysis - individual, team and practice group to really come up with something simple and useful.  Talent planning is different to strategic planning so don't be tempted to use a SWOT or Porter's Five Forces - not the best for people planning. 

See all the details, video and links to new here