managing & leading 

Managing & Leading is designed to give a newly promoted Senior Associate, Special Counsel and early stage Partners a comprehensive understanding of how to motivate their team members.

  • Strong foundations in understanding others, delegation, goal setting and feedback including how to hold difficult conversations and set people up for success
  • Team dynamics of high performing teams under pressure and the impact leadership behaviours have on the performance of team members
  • Leadership styles and how to use them for both increased individual satisfaction and practice group productivity.  

paradox navigator

Paradox Navigator was identified in the HR Competency Study by Ulrich (2017) as both the most important Competency in explaining business performance and the third lowest scoring for HR professionals.  The emerging research on the benefits of paradox navigation for individuals, groups and organisations will be applied in a series of practical case studies focusing on common tensions and the practical challenges faced by HR professionals. 

Learn Outcomes

  • Explore what it means to be a paradox navigator and situations where the approach is needed
  • Build the skills to navigate between opposites in increasingly complex business conditions.
  • Learn complexity, systems thinking and scenario planning techniques to navigate the paradoxes of wicked problems