continuing professional development


After fifteen years of training legal professionals, I have written a large library of original CPD presentations. If you are looking for something, please call - it might be sitting in the collection ready to go or it could be really interesting to research for you.

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After much procrastination and perfectionism, the long awaited video CPD sessions will be available for the 2019-20 CPD year. Make contact if you would like to be notified when they are released.

Each year I develop a set of new CPD topics to keep things interesting. In 2019 the focus areas are listed below. Please make contact if you would like further information.

CLE Topics this year are organised around three themes:

  • Professional Impact, Productivity and Wellness - From a detailed look at the different types of perfectionism common in professionals to the different ways smart people sabotage and an in depth look at burnout their success topics in this theme bring together practical challenges and evidence based research.

  • Leading Legal Professionals - the latest on delegation using power sharing, when to be cautious about setting goals for professionals and the manager’s wellbeing checklist are all newly developed one hour sessions.

  • Diversity Done Well - as part of a new focus on Women in Law two new sessions have been developed focusing on the challenges of working from home and building a practice before and after extended leave. We won’t change the result if we keep doing the same things that haven't worked so I’m taking a new direct approach at some of the practical challenges - it’s a cupcake free zone. Learn more here

These new sessions above complement the old favourites that have been popular in recent years:

  • The Proactive Professional

  • Teams under pressure

  • Commercial acumen quiz

Back by popular demand is the 1 Book, 1 Hour. This year’s choice is informed by the Financial Services Royal Commission and the widespread commentary on organisational culture. It’s time for some clear definitions and some evidence so it’s to the Oxford Handbook of Organisational Climate and Culture we go. Chapters 1 - 28 summarised into a primer for legal professionals. Next time you refer to organisational culture or climate you will be sure of the differences, know which ways each can be measured, changed and the different ways they both contribute to ethical behaviour.