executive coaching


I take on a small number of coaching assignments and usually only for existing clients.  I don't advertise this work as I believe it is best undertaken on referral where the HR Business Partner or Learning & Development Manager can assess both the development need and the fit between person and coach. 

While each coaching arrangement is different, some of the ways I find it useful to work together are described below.   Please make contact if you would like further information.  My full CV and bio are on the FAQ page

  • Clear outcomes and measures help everyone to focus efforts on achieving results
  • Professionals need both the support of their people leader and external expert.  Three way meetings are encouraged to ensure everyone is clear about their different roles
  • Short, intensive coaching arrangements usually produce faster behaviour change 
  • Insight tools can be useful.  Some of these are described here.


The majority of my coaching work has two focus areas:

Individual coaching at career transition points for female leaders and have worked with women who are both preparing to take and return from maternity leave - especially within twelve motnhs of making Partner.  

Leaders who need to quickly improve their inter-personal skills as a result of a critical incident, client feedback or team engagement feedback.  I specialise in those individuals who can be described as "difficult and challenging".  Difficult means that the right combination of evidence and research hasn't been presented to them and challenging makes for an interesting meeting.