Workshop logistics

Handy information for busy learning administrators. 

Most workshops are set up boardroom or cluster style. Partners often prefer boardrooms to give the feel of a discussion or CLE rather than formal training.   Clusters work best for group discussion and skill building.   Ask your facilities people to keep some space between the tables to allow easy walking between them and if it's a digital program, remember to set up laptop power.

A data projector is usually used for both powerpoint and iPad pro display.  Whiteboards that print are handy if your room doesn't have two display screens and like everyone I'm trying to use less paper so flip charts are rarely used. 

Participant materials are usually printed workbooks for workshops and one page notes guides for shorter CLE sessions.  Digital workbooks in the format of editable PDFs can be organised and copies of the program materials are available for download by participants in the session from the client page link.  A password is needed to access both the general client site and your specific client site.  This is usually given to participants on the day but can be included with any pre-work if preferred.   Please make contact if you need further information. 

It's a rare day that everyone expected does attend.  It's a good idea to over enrol by 1-2 people and under cater by 1-2 people.   It's a good problem to have to steal a chair from the meeting room next door and these are resourceful people when it comes to food.   The hardest part is when people can't get away from their work.  


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searl street consulting company information

The goal of the business is built into the name.  Head office is literally on Searl Street.  It's also the location of the kitchen and the garden - the two most important parts of working from home.

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