Fifteen years of Fun

For over fifteen years I've been encouraging professionals to be creative and direct in their communication to team members.  Using a metaphor can be an efficient way to achieve that outcome, especially when space and time are tight.  So here goes, when I think the fun and games of  helping professionals learn to manage people, I think of this cute balloon puppy dog.   If I tried to make him, I'd have the same look on my face as thousands of lawyers have given me when I first show them how to delegate, that feedback can be done well and SMART goal setting doesn't have to be painful.    It's squeaky and feels weird, but it gets better with practice. 

what's new ?


Leading professionals has certainly changed.   It's now all about being proactive and working in some of the most diverse teams around to product top results.   The challenge of building soft skills is still a hard job.  

A newly emerging set of skills is becoming both more accessible for development and of higher priority to many firms.  New courses focus on decision making and problem solving, entrepreneurial thinking, scenario planning and communicating advice.  

The old favourites are still there and going strong, they have all had a research update in the last year - some very interesting new research especially on feedback, and some things stay the same like delegation. 

Make contact if you would like to know more.  After fifteen years, I'm pretty sure you know how to find me.  The contact page is there if it's been a long day. 

fun facts about 15 years

In no particular order:

  •  Amazon tells me I've purchased 1257 kindle edition books since April 23, 2010  The first you ask?  The Big Short by Michael Lewis.  The latest? Simple Habits for Complex Times by Jennifer Garvey Berger.  I could add up the number of physical books each year - Amazon the Big Data Kings have the info - I stopped counting after 173 between 2004 and 2005 - bloody hell, no wonder I need reading glasses.  
  • Paper consumption is down, electricity consumption is up.  I still have two commercial printers, but most of the heavy lifting is done by three large iMac screens, two iPad pros, one iPhone and a partridge in a pear tree
  • Still have the same stapler and binding machine - that's just sad. 
  • Course design starts just the way I was taught at Accenture with a pencil and A3 sheet of yellow paper
  • Accreditation manuals for over 25 insight tools line the shelves.  Some are on their way to the bin after gathering dust and some I use most weeks. 
  • Most importantly, it's interesting work and I still enjoy it after 15 years.  Maybe all that research on career satisfaction and alignment with strengths is on to something?