financial services

Australian financial services is in a period of intense change. We were already thinking about jobs of the future in the digital revolution before the Royal Commission. Now leaders and professionals are challenged to find solutions to both. I specialise in development programs for the professional groups within investment banking, retail banking, insurance and superannuation.

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HR’s role in BEAR

The introduction of the Banking Executive Accountability Regime presents a unique opportunity for HR to demonstrate the expertise we bring to accountability mapping, role design and organisational design. HR teams need to understand this regime and the actions they can take to partner effectively with both executives and the risk function. Read the latest blog here

risk professionals

Expectations of risk professionals are on the rise and they need a newly emerging skill set that is a long way from technical analysis. Influencing, persuasion and an understanding of culture, climate and performance are all in the new world of the risk professional.

influence without authority

For technical professionals who need to have their advice heard by others, these bespoke workshops are developed to align with your values, code of conduct and cultural change programmes. Learn more here.

Product professionals

Product professionals are the modern day engineers of financial services. They play a critical role in designing and updating products to meet the needs of customers. Key development areas include generating insights from data and influencing stakeholders.

HR in financial services

The renewed focus on culture, remuneration, governance and leadership in the post RC world is making new demands of the HR function. Build the skills of your team to implement and lead the changes needed. Read the latest blog here.

legal & compliance

The development needs of in house legal teams and their compliance counterparts is an interesting dynamic of established professional standards in law meeting the compliance function that is often staffed by people from different parts of the organisation. Collaboration in the right way is important for organisational success.