human resource planning

HR Strategic planning,  scenario planning, workforce planning, succession planning and talent mapping are all ways to focus on the people side of sustained firm performance.   This workshop focuses on how these planning activities are different for professional services firms and professional functions within organisations.  It can be a skill update and refresher for experienced HR professionals or an introduction for Partners and General Counsel who need to understand more about the potential of these activities to add value.

Learner Outcomes

  • Understand the different types of plans,  when they each deliver most value and how to use them together
  • Learn the techniques to see problems in advance by using scenario planning
  • Make informed decisions about people actions - recruitment, engagement, job design and remuneration - based on data driven HR plans  

paradox navigator

Eventbrite - Paradox Navigator for human resource professionals

Paradox Navigator

Paradox Navigator was identified in the HR Competency Study by Ulrich (2017) as both the most important Competency in explaining business performance and the third lowest scoring for HR professionals.  The emerging research on the benefits of paradox navigation for individuals, groups and organisations will be applied in a series of practical case studies focusing on common tensions and the practical challenges faced by HR professionals. 

Learn Outcomes

  • Explore what it means to be a paradox navigator and situations where the approach is needed
  • Build the skills to navigate between opposites in increasingly complex business conditions.
  • Learn complexity, systems thinking and scenario planning techniques to navigate the paradoxes of wicked problems

thinking in numbers

Eventbrite - Thinking in Numbers for HR Professionals

Understand the numbers that drive the financials of professional services firms.  From blended billing rates, realisation, utilisation and WIP, the link between HR activity and profit per partner point can be confusing.    This workshop uses the HR lifecycle to show the impact of HR decisions on firm financials in both the short and long term.   HR Business Partners will be able to include the financial impact of people management decisions in their advice to Partners. 

Learner Outcomes

  • Understand the differences between a balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement using a fun and practical case study
  • Learn the two different ways to calculate ROI and their different advantages
  • Build an understanding of ratios and metrics used by senior decision makers 



better together - HR + Finance + BD


This workshop is designed for senior teams of support professionals who work directly with senior leaders and Partners.  It focuses on the potential for these three crucial support functions working together for increased influence and reduced frustration.  

Learner Outcomes

  • Understand the points of difference and similarity between these functional areas
  • Consider how to work more effectively together to execute business and strategic plans
  • Identity areas of potential conflict and confusion that could be holding the functions back from impact with decision makers.