PIN skills - proactivity, influence & negotiation 

We all know someone who is very bright and a deep technical expert but they just can't work well with others.   These workshops are designed to increase the knowledge and skills of how to work well with others.  I've started to refer to them as PIN skills - done well they hold things together.  

These skills can be developed individually in short workshops or combined into a development program.   It is particularly useful to have a project or initiative were people are able to apply their new skills for effective learning. 


generating & communicating insights

The ability to generate an insight from data, experience or observations involves both analysis and presenting data in ways that make sense to decision makers.  Often it's not enough to just present the insight, they need to be communicated to stakeholders and decision makers in ways that motivate them to make a decision.  

This workshop delves deep into the world of idea generation, creative thinking and info graphics to build advanced communication skills for impact. 

facilitating meetings

After many years of developing the influence, communication and insight skills of professionals, I noticed the look of fear when it came time to facilitate the decision meeting.  Running a successful meeting isn't the same as presenting at a meeting.  

This workshop places participants in a simulation where a meeting takes place with each person taking a role as both leader and participant.   The focus is on how to manage the practical challenges of "hearding cats" in meetings.