development for legal professionals

Law is changing and the content of the development solutions I’ve been providing to legal professionals since 2003 are changing. Today’s law graduates are bringing drive and determination to their careers. They already know the basics of working in a team and collaborating on projects so our workshops now focus the advanced topics - teams under pressure, what it means to be proactive and career planning.

Senior Associates, Special Counsel and Partners are eye witnesses to changing business models, changing expectations of the legal profession in society, changing demands from their teams. All at the same time they are being asked to build a practice, improve the experience of clients and prepare for the future.

workshops & conferences

From small group workshops focused on skill building to large presentations at annual conferences a range of leadership, team and people topics can be delivered in an engaging and practical style.

women in law

A new focus to specifically target the achievement of gender equality in Partnerships.


Continuing Legal Education seminars are offered in a range of formats from the traditional one hour to collaborations with experts in practice management and ethics. New topics are added in March and November each year.

individual coaching

Unique challenges can be addressed with individual coaching. Senior fee earners can be supported in both their development and performance with targeted support in a format and timeframe that meets their individual needs.


On open enrolment programme for newly promoted Senior Associates to make a smooth transition into people leadership.