Foundation skills


People management in professional services is about a core set of skills executed beautifully.  Focus on really mastering the basic management skills  in ways that are right for professionals and then move onto your leadership effectiveness.  

Build a strong foundation for managing professionals by mastering these three skills:

  • Understand what increases and decreases motivation for professionals to be proactive at each stage of expertise development
  • Provide clarity of expectations through delegation and goal setting that enables high performance.
  • Communicate performance and development feedback in high stakes situations where emotions might run high.


in house programs

Select a topic for a stand alone workshop or create a series of development modules to meet the needs of your audience. 

Combine with other modules from the advanced skills and understanding yourself sets to create a full day program.  Make contact for the password to access Sample Outlines. 


managing & LEading open program

An introduction to people management for newly promoted senior lawyers.  Delivered in a combination of facilitated workshops and online learning resources.

Next group will start 10 October 2017.  


Management skills update

Designed for professionals who would like to refresh and update their skills, each module focuses on a specific area by taking a deep dive into a current challenge, apply the latest research and practice key skills.