management skills update

refresh & reinforce

A comprehensive recap of the basics.  This can be useful for situations of high turnover or lawyers who have been absorbed in long running matters and need a refresher of good habits and practices. 

Individuals who have not mastered the basics from previous management skills training can attend these short sessions to fill in gaps to be successful in their role. 


Sometimes teams within a practice group or office need to come together after a period of significant change.   A people management, team dynamic or change topic can be included in a team meeting or planning day. 

People management skills can be refocused to align with a new operating model, refreshed firm values or new performance management systems.  

research update

For professionals who like to keep their skills current or who may have started leading people without the benefit of attending a development program. 

Using a fast paced masterclass format, these one hour presentations update senior people and HR teams on the latest research into leading professionals.   Learning updated information together can be a great way to build relationships.