new courses

The changing nature of careers and the complexity of business conditions is creating a need for new skills and abilities.  The courses below are focused on the skills that are changing from being required by a few, to needed by many.  

developing proactive professionals

Build the knowledge and skills to be clear about what it means to be proactive and how to coach and develop the mindset in others.   

Designed and researched for Senior Associates/ Special Counsel and early career Partners. 

  • Explore what proactive people do and how to develop it in your team members
  • Fine tune your delegation, goal setting and feedback skill to encourage proactivity
  • Consider the role of individual values and motivations to understand the different ways individual can be proactive to achieve results. 

decision making & problem solving

Decision making in turbulent, uncertain, novel and ambiguous (TUNA) conditions can be challenging.  This workshop looks at the different techniques that can be used to make decisions and solve problems in different ways for different outcomes. 

  • Gain self-insight into your preferred decision making approach and the alternatives available
  • Explore the challenge of “wicked” problems that don’t play by the rules and have easy answers
  • Develop the skills to combine a variety of decision making techniques need to solve complex challenge
  • Apply your skills in a series of examples and case studies focusing on efficiency, innovation and client responsiveness. 

entrepreneurial thinking

Develop the skill sets used by internal and external entrepreneurs to take new ideas from formation to innovation.    

  • Gain a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial process and how it can be applied in professional settings to build a practice or contribute to a business in a commercially astute way
  • Understand the behaviours and risk mindset of entrepreneurial thinking to select the approach that’s best for you and your stakeholders
  • Learn how to guide an idea from inception to innovation using the latest research in innovation for professionals
  • Case studies are drawn from fintech, new law and AI disruptors.