partner development

Promotion to Partner isn't the end of professional development, it's the beginning of a new career phase that includes learning.  Each firm approaches Partner development in a different way - it might be an annual retreat, part of appointment to firm leadership roles or a regular partner lunch that includes a professional development topic.  Whatever the reason for you, the workshops descriptions below can you give both some ideas and indication of the research available on professional services firm leadership - it's a small but rapidly expanding area.

After the promotion comes the team leadership and eventually the special privilege of  reviewing and guiding the careers of other partners.  Many experienced Partners can be unsure about the best way to approach these conversations.  After many years of addressing these situations in individual coaching, I've developed these workshops to assist Partners to guide their own development and their HR business partners to link development with succession planning. 

Partners often learn well from individual reading and reflection before discussion.  For this reason,  the content of these programs is supported by a series of ten page summaries that combine a set of resources with vignettes of situations that can be addressed in different ways.  These resources can also be purchased individually for individual 

leading partner teams

Isn't as easy as it looks.  Just getting your fellow Partners to turn up to meetings can be a challenge, let alone co-ordinating and motivating your peers to take actions that may benefit the client, your firm or even yourself - but often not them personally.   

This workshop describes a framework for leading client relationship and practice group teams.  It also considers some of the common traps and their remedies to build a team of partners and how to leverage internal advise from BD, HR and Finance for results. 

transition to partner

Large firms can run Path to Partner  programs that are a bit like the local shopping centre - everything you need  know all in the one place.  

For small firms,  this workshop looks at the basics of successful transition  - client relationships, people leadership and measures of success in the first year.  

This workshop is often a collaborative effort with other specialist providers to bring together a suite of experts to support new Partners.  


partner review conversations

Partner reviews are more than a performance appraisal, they are conversations that address changes in identity.  Becoming part of the firm as an early career Partner, making a contribution and  finally making a graceful exit are all  personal psychological processes.  

Understanding how these work and how to talk about these partner career stages is built using a series of case studies.  I have been accused of planting listening devices in Partner offices, but there isn't any need - there is a pattern to both the challenging conversations and the best way to hold them.