learning for professionals

Accountants, Consultants, Engineers & Architects all need high quality development to provide great service to clients. Managing professionals isn’t the same as front line staff, especially with a partnership or similar structure. Many professionals enter the workforce with excellent technical skills and work to do on developing the communication and influencing skills that creates value from their expertise. Finally, the HR system in a successful Professional Services Firm should be unique and different to corporate Australia if it’s going to deliver for the unique needs of professionals.

management & leadership

Managing professionals has some unique differences.  Professionals are independent leaders who need to know why strategies work.  Without this information, their behaviours don't change. This program combines the best of emerging research with establish methods.    

For larger firms, in house programs can be customised your your focus areas, staff engagement results and firm values. 

For smaller firms, open programs provide an opportunity to access learning focused for professionals.  

internal advisory SKILLS

Technical skills combined with advisory skills can be a powerful combination.  The ability to generate insights, structure advice to others and influence outcomes can be the difference between routine and high performance.

The workshops in this section aim to maximise the contribution of professionals in their current role - in a firm, in an in-house legal team or as a specialist support function.   

Knowing the right answer is one thing, being able to convince others of it is quite another.  Case studies and internal client scenarios brings these skills to life in practical ways.  

Human Resources for PROFESSIONAL services 

Myths about what HR does and how it should do it could fill a modern anthology of fairy tales.  Professional Services Firms are people businesses and this places additional demand and potential for the HR function.   The best results come from leadership and HR working together.

Human Resource Specialists can update their technical skills with tools and techniques curated to focus on practical challenges of HR in professional services firms and latest capability frameworks guiding the future of HR's role in business. 

Partners and General Counsel can increase their knowledge of the ways high quality HR advice makes a difference to both operational efficiency and strategy execution.