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scenario planning for Human resources

Scenario planning considers the possible future changes that can impact a business.  After attending a course in the UK I was struck by the many potential uses in HR and L&D. 

Possible uses might include:

  •  Making decisions about future skills and defining future talent.  
  • Linking changing client needs with parts of the HR system including firm structure, work design and performance rewards. 
  • Contributing to firm strategic planning, including how to positive your firm with competitors and new law entrants.

This will be a small group discussion with a limited group size.  If you have colleagues who might be interested, please email me.  Regards, Anna

draft Agenda

  • Overview of scenario planning
  • Example of scenario plan for fictitious mid tier firm - "Pokemon Partners" 
  • LUNCH !!
  • Discussion of potential uses
  • Ideas for future research - the PhD is getting closer


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