Talent planning update

What's new in talent planning for law firms?   A collection of observations useful for HR Directors in conversations with Partners. 


more than one answer

Business conditions are increasingly Turbulent, Uncertain, Novel and Ambiguous (TUNA).   This results in more than one right answer and possible approach for talent planning.  

The Result: Use scenario planning of multiple possibilities to generate options and make talent planning decisions that fit with several possibilities.  This makes the decisions more future proof that just working with one agreed future.

Watch a description of the scenario planning technique - lessons learnt and future plans.   Consider how this type of approach can be used in your talent planning discussions.   


don't make me partner

Wicked problems have multiple views, many causes and no right answer - sounds like Partner succession planning to me!

Alternative roles and career paths are being used to address the wicked problem of too many senior lawyers, female lawyer retention and increased need for innovation.   Latest research by Malhotra,  Smets & Morris (2016) describes one approach. 

The Result:  Professional Support Lawyer roles are being used by UK firms to retain partner pipeline talent and increase innovation.  


capabilities are building blocks of firm talent

Dynamic capabilities are still the most important part of strategy for PSF.  Rather than thinking about what's changing outside the firm, think about what can be done inside to change the capability of individuals, teams and practices.  

The Result: Don't talent plan for individuals and roles,  plan for individual, team and practice group capabilities.   For bonus points, make it hard for competitors to copy and valuable to your clients.

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